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the ^S!lnitary Biiro:iii of llio Fuiuth [)ivision of the Health De- partment for the following Matement of aldactone order cases and deaths re- ported during the two weeks ending December 8, 1885: DISEASES. Typhus Typhoid fever Scarlet fever Cerebro-spinul meningitis . . Mcaslvjt Diplitlicria Small-pox Yellow Fever Week ending Dec. 1. Caace. Deatlu. i » 1 22 8 33 5 3 R 3 1 Week ending Dec. s. dues. aldactone 25 mg Deaths. The Carnegie Laboratory. — Dr. Herman M. Biggs, in- structor in the C'lirnegie Lalioralory, .sailed for Europe in the Ems Wednesday. The object of his mi.ssicm is t'l visit the laboratory of Pasteur ami learn all that ho can from him in ref- erence to the preparation of the virus for the inoculation against hydrophobia, lie will then visit Koch's laboratory in Korlin, anil obtain from him his views upon this subject of inoculation. Ill- will then go to ramhridge, and aldactone mg pay his res|K'i't« to John lliircloii Sanderson, whose work in this department lia-s a world- wide reputation. After a visit to Edinburgh, (ihisgow, and London, he will return in twi> months to institute some elaho- ratu experiments on a large M'ale. A Hmnll farm will he |irovideresented ihr ItiOleviie Hospital .Medi- cal College with six thousand dollars for the purchase of more scientific apparatus in addition to buy spironolactone the five thousand dollars for this purpose which he gave last year. He has further signified his willingness to contribute annually for the support of this in- stitution and for the purpose of encouraging scientific work. Dr. Biggs has gone to Europe independent of the Xewark children, and his entire expenses have been defrayed by Mr. Carnegie. It is a matter of purchase aldactone online no small importance that an institution can send to Europe a scientific man for any special observation, and buy aldactone online this fact with many others betokens a great futnre for Atnerican medicine and surgery. There are now three paid assistants order aldactone online in the Carnegie Laboratory, and one hundred and buy spironolactone online forty students and practitioners daily at work in the building, and great results are to be expected from an institotion which is carried on upon such generic aldactone a liberal basis. Within the nest sis months buy cheap spironolactone font original papers will ap- pear which will represent original work done in the Carnegie Laboratory. buy cheap aldactone The Boston Water-Supply.— It is said that an idea origi- nated by l)r. Thomas L. Jenks. a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society, has lately been brought to the aldactone online attention of Mayor O'Brien and the Water Board, by which, it is thought, a aldactone 50 mg great improvement can be brought about in the quality of the water. The plan is to build an open conduit, a mile aldactone buy or more in aldactone tablets length, from the outlet of the system, in which large, rongh bowlders are to be placed. The water, rushing swiftly over and between these rocks, will be so agitated, it is presumed, as to do away with that impurity which depends upon partial stagna- tion. The Harvard Medical School — We purchase aldactone learn that Dr. John cheap aldactone P. Reynolds, who for ten years has been professor of obstetrics, has resigned the chair. He succeeded the late Dr. Backingham, hav- ing previously been an instructor. We understand that Dr. Reynolds's resignation is aldactone price a matter of general surprise, coming as it does so .soon after the opening of tlie term, and that his suc- cessor can not be appointed in less than a month. Meantime President Eliot has asked Dr. William L. Richardson to psrforra the duties aldactone cost of the position, and it is thought that he will undoubt- edly succeed to the chair. Dr. Richardson hsis been connected

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